Impressive Icon Designs from Avoltha

Icons, mascot designs and logos are an integral part of every business organization. These simple graphics bring life to your website, your advertising materials, marketing strategies and your communication methods with your target audience.

What Is An Icon?

An icon is an object, picture or graphic image that represents a web page, program, file or command. Icons are widely used on websites to execute particular commands. Icons make web navigation and computer navigation easy; however, icons are not as easy to create.

Creating an Icon

Creating an icon is an extremely challenging task because it’s not creating just about any ordinary image. It is about creating a symbol which represents something. An icon design has to fulfill both visual and functional purposes. Therefore, hiring an experienced icon designer or a professional icon design service is the wisest and the best option available to you for impressive results.

Need A Custom Icon? You’ve come to the Right Place!

Avoltha has been creating customized icon designs for over 7 years now. Our professional illustrators and graphic designers are skilled at their job and specialize in creating icons for IT companies, business organizations and individual commercial ventures. Our extensive experience in the field and the rich talent our designers possess make it possible for us to deliver high quality results which surpass your expectations within the fixed turnaround time and at affordable rates.

Some of our icon design work includes application icon design, website icon design, toolbar and menu icon design and programming and software icon designs.

Application Icon Design

Apps are widely popular on tablets, laptops, PCs and mobile phones. We specialize in app icon designs and have created a larger number of popular app icons for our esteemed clients. If you’re developing an app and looking for a proficient icon designer, we’re at your service.

Website Icon Design

Enable ease of navigation for your website visitors with icons that direct, instruct and say it all. Our graphic designers at Avoltha create icons to reflect content on your website and help your visitors navigate easily through your website.

Toolbar & Menu Icon Design

A menu or a toolbar icon is the most basic form of interaction between a user and the application. For intelligent icon designs that are creative, attractive and easily recognizable from a host of other icons, you can trust our skilled designers.

Programming & Software Icon Design

Give your software a unique and professional look. Create logo designs, website icons and brand designs for your software and promote your software on the basis of a sharp icon design.

The First Impression Always Matters

Yes! The first impression always matters. There is a lot one can take away from the first impression and if your icon is able to establish an immediate connect with the target audience, your job is half done. It is true that no matter how functional your program, software or website is, it is the attractiveness of your icons and layout that brings people to decide whether they want to give your products and services a try or not.

A professional icon design helps you stay ahead of the game and helps you stand out from competitors. Get your professional icon design created today from Avoltha.