Frequently Asked Questions

What do i need for you to design my website?

In order to design a website we would first need the main idea and the basic structure you require (menu links or number of pages) to be able to quote you properly. Beside we/you would need to acquire the proper domain and hosting needed to host the website and make it available on the world wide web. Every website design job requires a 50% payment upfront.

How long would the website design take?

From 2 to 4 weeks depending on the website extension, in other words depending on how many pages it would need and the complexity of coding on each of them. Another factor to consider would be the work load we have at the moment you hire us and also the speed of reviews from your side.

How does a Mascot Design works?

To sum it up, we start with a sketch process that we present to you after you communicate all your ideas for the mascot to our team of artists, these sketches are sent to your email and made with paper and pencil. You’ll be able to review these sketches in order to make the proper changes that reflect better what you have in mind for mascot. Once the final sketch is approved, we proceed to digitize it on our tablets, showing you a digital version of the sketch to whom you’d be able to change colors only. Once the final colors are picked our team proceeds to create the final package of the mascot design, this package will contain different file formats and color versions of your mascot. After this we deliver the final package of the mascot to your email inbox.

What’s included on the mascot package?

The final Mascot Package has different file formats in it, including bitmap images in jpg, pdf and png (transparent background image), it also includes vector files such as eps and illustrator. Each mascot package is also delivered with different color versions such as full color, greyscale, 2 colors and outlines (perfect for embroidery purposes). Don’t worry if you don’t know all these file formats, just know that with them you will be covered to use your mascot anywhere you want.

What’s Icon design and what’s the use of it?

Icons are graphics mainly used on websites but can also be used on prints, they’re high quality graphics that normally accompany text, making it less boring and attracting the observers attention to your desired point of interest. Commonly an icon is created based on the text that it will accompany such as your “about us” or “Products” sections under your website, they are also created based on a main topic such as apps icons on your iPhone or android phone.

What’s logo design and brand identity development?

Our logo design service can be hired for a single logo design (graphic mark of your company for public recognition), or it can be accompanied with brand identity development, which is basically the elements surrounding your logo, such as typography, badges, lines, colors, slogans, photos, illustrations, icons, etc. You see, a good branding is not accomplished only with a good logo but with the overall look of the brand. For example on a website you don’t only see the bran’s logo but a set of elements around it that are supposed to make the website more aesthetic, friendly and improve the user experience.

How long does it take for you to design my brand identity?

From 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the speed of your reviews, and changes arising from those reviews.

What’s the process once i decide to hire one of your design services?

The first step would be to brief our team with the project specifics and needs, also 50% payment is needed in order to start any project.
It doesn’t matter what’s your country or city, whichever of our services you desire to hire can be worked maintaining phone, email or skype communication. Through our special customer section we’ll keep you posted about your project, you’ll be able to access a page where the most recent changes to your project will be uploaded. Once the project is approved we’ll launch it or send the final files prior to settlement payment, plain and simple.

I’m in another country or city, how can i hire you?

We have worked with customers form several continents and countries, from the United States, to countries in europe, to Australia, to south america, you name it. We can work closely with you on any project with the certainty we can be reached every day through email or skype. You just Contact us! and let’s get started on your design.