Website design

We provide our customers quality websites specifically designed around their needs, from e-commerce and news portals to simple blogs and infosites for small businesses. Avoltha would bring quality design to businesses seeking a meticulously created website, all sites are designed with our custom made & hign-end graphics. All of it at an affordable cost!

Mascot design

Another of our specialties is Mascot design. Our team of artists creates all types of characters for a wide range of purposes. Everything starts with the customer’s idea for the mascot, then a fast but creative process occurs: sketching, coloring, and mascot package delivery are the main stages to give life to an amazing character you can use for marketing.

Logo design

Creating a logo is not an easy task for most businesses looking to improve their brand. It is easy when you have a creative team with rare technical skills. We’ll design your brand’s image trough our secret weapon: sketching!. That’s right, no computer can explore an idea vastly enough as a team of designers with imagination and polished drawing skills.

Most websites, apps, prints, and packs can use the design of beautiful icons, badges and illustrations to improve the aesthetics of the overall design. We illustrate custom icons for any type of need with high quality and noted precision. Be the judge of our best graphics:


With over 15 years of experience Avoltha designers would manage your project with expert hands. Let us work with and let's get started on improving the looks of your brand through the best our of our services; beautifully designed websites. You don't even have a brand? get a great logo design and basic materials such as business cards at an affordable price.
Here is what clients are saying about us:
  • Avoltha has showed real skills, they came up with all kinds of crazy sketches, they are really talented!.
  • Once I saw what I was getting from Avoltha I thought “oh damn, now I really have to be as professional as my website and mascot graphics appear.
  • I was amazed by the talent avoltha guys have, they were very professional and took care of all our concerns.
  • We’re so happy with our new Logo; it’s great!! The style and the facial expression from the fish is indescribably beautiful. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with you!!